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Fuel Regulator
Washington PA
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Our fuel regulator is a simple "demand-style" pressure regulator using the vacuum of your carburetor venturi to act on a diaphragm. This in turn engages a valve allowing fuel to flow freely.

In short...more air flowing through the carb = more fuel flow from the regulator. The fuel regulator solves many issues such as engine flooding and fuel starvation during high-g aerobatics.

It has been successfully used with two-stroke and four-stroke engines as small as .10 ci (1.6cc) and as large as 4.5 ci. (75cc). This includes multi-cylinder engines. (Note if you have multiple carburetors, each requires a dedicated fuel regulator).

Internal components are compatible with both alcohol and petroleum based fuels.
1.25"L x 1.25"W x 1.25"H
The Fuel Regulator assembly has been in constant production since 1996 and includes two plastic tee's for filling your tank, one brass tap, and one plastic check valve to pressurize your fuel tank.

It sells for $43.95 plus s&h. To order, send an email to with your shipping address and desired quantity and we will reply with a Paypal invoice.

Both Domestic and International orders are welcome.
Machined aluminum and brass construction