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Fuel Regulator
Washington PA
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Our fuel regulator is a simple "demand-style" pressure regulator using the vacuum of your carburetor venturi to act on a diaphragm. This in turn engages a valve allowing fuel to flow freely.

In short...more air flowing through the carb = more fuel flow from the regulator. The fuel regulator solves many issues such as engine flooding and fuel starvation during high-g aerobatics.

We have used it with two-stroke and four-stroke engines as small as .10 ci (1.6cc) and as large as 4.5 ci. (75cc). This includes multi-cylinder engines. (Note if you have multiple carburetors, each carb requires a dedicated fuel regulator).

It is compatible with both alcohol and petroleum based fuels.

The Fuel Regulator includes plastic tee's for filling your tank, a brass tap for mufffler or crankcase, and one plastic check valve to pressurize your fuel tank.

It sells for $43.95 plus s&h. To order, send an email to with your shipping address and desired quantity and we will reply with a Paypal invoice.

Yes, we ship International!

1.25"L x 1.25"W x 1.25"H
Machined aluminum and brass construction
Fuel Regulator Instruction PDF