Made in the USA!

Washington PA
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Products include aircraft from the former companies: Craig Aviation, Byron Originals, and Custom R/C Aircraft
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Iron Bay Model Company is a privately owned business specializing in research & development, design, and fabrication of high performance miniature and light aircraft.

Disiplines include fixed wing, rotary wing, and multi-rotor aircraft, as well as engine/propulsion system development, sound attenuation, and autonomous control system development.

We have a pragmatic philosophy when it comes to aircraft...simple is better!

With very few exceptions we source our raw materials and off-the-shelf components in the USA.

Our products are created using the latest in 3D CAD, CNC, and automated manufacturing equipment. We test through a variety of static and dynamic facilities including our 0-750 HP engine Dynamometer.

In addition to our recreational scale aircraft, we also support the UAV industy with manufacturing services ranging from individual components to turn-key airframe and propulsion system production.